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Originally Posted by CNYScapes View Post
Moving for better weather and longer working season. Sick and tired of snowplowing 120 inches a year for last 20 yrs.

Wife will work but I have never depended on her to pay any bills and I wont expect that in the future.

Already bought a house. No mortgage. $25k is just what I would like to spend to get started. I am looking at larger business also. If it take more money, yes i have the cash to do it.

Yes I could survive a year without income but that is not going to happen. I have 12 employees up here and expect to grow quickly in new location.

Thanks for your input.
I have clients in the area you are moving to, and the competition is fierce. Many of the local companies are top-notch. My advice to you is INNOVATE. Research what the top LCOs in your area offer, and find ways to surpass them. Also, you will need to purchase reel mowers for your high-end clients. Expect to mow them at least twice a week. I am originally from NE Ohio myself, and was in for a shock when I moved down here in 2001.
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