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Originally Posted by Chilehead View Post
I have clients in the area you are moving to, and the competition is fierce. Many of the local companies are top-notch. My advice to you is INNOVATE. Research what the top LCOs in your area offer, and find ways to surpass them. Also, you will need to purchase reel mowers for your high-end clients. Expect to mow them at least twice a week. I am originally from NE Ohio myself, and was in for a shock when I moved down here in 2001.
Thanks Chile, I agree there are alot of top LCOs in this area but this does not scare me it motivates me. It also tells me that there is a NEED for this service and they are willing to pay for it.

I closed on my house there (east cobb/Marietta) 2 months ago but have not moved down yet. This put me in a position to need lawn service. I called and requested estimates from close to 10 companies. 7 out of 10 provided quotes, most within 2 days some within 5 days. 2 days was the earliest quote I got. Lame if you ask me. I can do better than that.

In addition, the lowest quote I got out of all of them was $50 per cut, trim, blow, edge. I was shocked, this would be a $35-$38 lawn where I am from. the $50 was from one guy, most of them were in the $65 range with one guy wanting $75. Maybe you can clue me in on why the prices are much higher there? By the way, Im not complaining Im loving the higher pricing for when I get down there.

I know Ive got a lot to learn.down there. You didnt answer my question, buy a small biz or spend on advertising?
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