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Originally Posted by CNYScapes View Post
Thanks Chile, I agree there are alot of top LCOs in this area but this does not scare me it motivates me. It also tells me that there is a NEED for this service and they are willing to pay for it.

I closed on my house there (east cobb/Marietta) 2 months ago but have not moved down yet. This put me in a position to need lawn service. I called and requested estimates from close to 10 companies. 7 out of 10 provided quotes, most within 2 days some within 5 days. 2 days was the earliest quote I got. Lame if you ask me. I can do better than that.

In addition, the lowest quote I got out of all of them was $50 per cut, trim, blow, edge. I was shocked, this would be a $35-$38 lawn where I am from. the $50 was from one guy, most of them were in the $65 range with one guy wanting $75. Maybe you can clue me in on why the prices are much higher there? By the way, Im not complaining Im loving the higher pricing for when I get down there.

I know Ive got a lot to learn.down there. You didnt answer my question, buy a small biz or spend on advertising?
One reason for the higher prices is there is no Snow plowing. There is a good chance of drought. Many lawns are cut every 2 weeks. Georgia is very hot and humid all the time in the Summer. Workers definitely earn their pay.
I would buy an existing company since you can pay cash
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