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Your going to take a pay cut. And if you want to keep the wussy hours you have had its going to be a big pay cut. Now if your still interested in mowing lawns then go for it but go in with your eyes open. Your not single which is mistake #1 in many of our eyes cause that limits your hours and the risk you can take.

Now you are right you can make money mowing. I was unable too with employees but since I eliminated them this year I hit the numbers your dreaming about. And the profit is much better than 20% like 3-4 times that. But my hours would upset a wife big time. It's Sunday I just got home at 9 pm tonight from pruning hedges and tomorrow I'll work till 8-9 pm again most women don't take that too well. So whats driving me this month, well my partner and I are pushing to hit over 30k this month. Few solo ops can talk about numbers like that and it sounds like what you want but its no 40-50 hour a week job. I do that by Thursday evening.
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