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Jim, Thanks for the good info. I guess truthfully my big problem is cash flow. My maintenance work does make money, no doubt. I just always get stuck April-June being inundated with mowing and landscape jobs and there is never enough $. The business pays for itself but pays me nothing until the mowing invoices start paying out. Customers usually take 30 days. I do collect 50% up front for landscaping but this year there was somehow barely enough $ to keep the business above water until invoices started getting paid in June. I know I need more $ to start the season in March and April but this has eluded me to this point. I do collect prepays for fertilizer and a few mowing prepays. I only run 1 crew. Myself and 1 to 3 other guys depending on the work. Not exactly sure what the right formula is to go through an entire year being able to pay the business bills and also pay myself(many months I cant pay myself). Thinking I should sit down with a consultant. The way its happening now is way too stressful!!
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