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Is purging the system something I can do? And is this something I need to do as a maintenance item? I called the dealer today and they are coming to get it, I am so frustrated now as I was trying to wait out the mowing season and deal with this wheel slipage/hydro problem, the gas gauge I can deal, and that bolt is just annoying. I went to mow Friday, kicked the PTO on for the blades and I get this horrid failing car power steering whining growling noise coming from the deck, louder than the engine. Im guessing a blade spindle? I ran it for about. 8 hours when I first bought it and read that dealers never fill this things with grease so at 8 hours I put almost a full tube in each spindle. A total of 2-1/2 tubes. I pumped grease in them until it came out the sides of the zerk fittings as it would not come out anywhere else. I didn't cause this did I? Too much grease? I checked em again and each took about 5 pumps, maybe a slight volume decrease in noise when I did this.

I told em to come get the darn thing tomorrow. He said 14-18 days, ouch.

As for this bolt, I took a bunch of pics. It is so loose I can just jiggle it up and down and thread it in and out with my fingers. After an hour of mowing it threads itself so far forward it hits the metal sheeting under the seat facing front and starts to keep my steering arm from going all the way forward. (Different than the actual bump stop bolt that you can see from the outside of the mower. You must lift up seat to see this, or look inside the slot that lets the arm travel back and forth.

Here are the pics with some writings:

I am concerned with all these issues in 21 hours and 4 months. I power wash the mower and under the deck religiously about every other mow. Mow about 2-4 hours a week on it. Its very very bumpy terrain but flat. I mow about 70% of its capable speed.
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