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Originally Posted by bcg View Post
Jim, the CSV isn't what leaks, it's the pressure relief on the well. They do have a version that should be installed in the casing, I use one that is installed outside the casing but it has to be the first thing on the line, before the pressure tank, pressure switch, etc.

I put CSV's on all well systems, even when they're designed for the pump flow. It's cheap insurance.
The round plastic ones leaks a bit of water and that's the reason they're meant to be installed inside the casing.

I've installed a (few) of the ones I pictured and a (few) of the psidekicks. Other than the (few) I've installed I don't see a lot of them. I recommended one be installed last Thursday on a well when I was doing a leak detection/repair at this pretty lady's house.

I've never seen any of the brass or bronze valves cause pressure pop offs and I've installed a (few) of them.
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