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Honestly man I have seen clutches fail at 4 hours... i have had tons shatter, magnets cracked, melted, and with shorts... I have one guy that goes through 3 to 4 a year, and then on the other hand I have some with thousands of hours on them. The warner with 250lbs of torque is the best I have found unless you go to one of the new wet clutch designs. They are extremely abused on a mower as oopposed an ac system on a car... its a miracle they go as long as they go. $180 is definately not to shabby for a pto clutch. With short, I highly recommend replacing the pto switch and the pigtail going to the clutch. Alot of mower companies have diodes in the pigtail, and anything shorting out in either one of those will just ruin your new clutch too... better safe spending another 30 or so then spending another 200 next week..
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