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Originally Posted by solar07 View Post
I do sincerely apologize for the delay in responses. I will do better there, I had some family stuff and garaged the mower not to think about it.. I do still have the lag issue. It takes about 20 mins of full engine rpm mowing or driving around before the slipping starts. I am not sure I was able to find the axle bolt I needed to. The mower has a 5 year warranty so I will be furious if they do not want to cover it. The dealer is coming to get it tomorrow but I'm worried given all these issues something will get missed. It is only 3 months old and worked gread the first 15 hours. The last 5 have been downhill.

I added pics to the loose bolt issue.

I guess I don't understand this mower. So my manual states to grease the spindles every 100 hours and first 8 hrs, are you saying I am not suppose to grease these? If I'm only suppose to use a certain amount of grease how do I know how much to use? The manual does not give a quantity of grease to use. I have never met a grease fitting in couldn't grease until it came out some where. I guess now I'm really worried as I added a tube almost to each spindle until it came out of the zerk.

As for the power washing, do you guys not power wash your mower decks? How do u clean them? I always let the mower cool down before power washing but then I try to get every ounce of grass cleaned out. I'm a little ocd.
The axel bolt Im talking about is the big one in the centre of the wheel. That holds the drum in place and the wheel attaches to the drum.
But your saying that it doesn't lag until it heats up. It probably isnt the axel then. That would be there from the get go I'd say!

To see if theres air in the line, raise the back of the machine and roll the wheels back n forth at low revs then raise the revs. Dont jerk the levers but smooth actions. Do that for about 10mins or so. Check the hydro oil and see if its foamy. If it is, theres air in there. No foam, no air.

But if the dealers going to check it over, they should sort all that. Be sure to show him the drive lag. Thats what I'd be mostly concerned with!

The grease probably wont be an issue if you didnt see grease coming out anywhere but the fitting. It shouldnt come out as they are a sealed type of set up.
Theres a large cavity between the spindle and the housing. Thats all youve filled up. It doesn't do much but keep water out. Dont stress to much about it!

Hard to know how much grease to use as like you said, its just guess work. I put a few pumps in every 100hrs or so. Im more worried about blowing a seal than not enough grease in there.

I personally rarely wash anything on the machine. As far as Im concerned, water is the enemy! Cant do much about rain etc but I try to avoid even hosing it off, but thats me! As far as under the deck, if you cover the spindles and wait until its cool then you shouldn't have a problem. I usually just scrape out the deck with a BBQ spatula. If the grass is dry then it cleans any light covering off by itself. If wet then, scraping!

Be sure to let us know what the drive problem was!
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