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Originally Posted by hustlermidwest View Post
If you go to our website at on the bottom of the page is a link to manuals. Find your model number and download the manuals. You'll see how to change the belt and adjust it. Keep in mind you'll need to re adjust the belt after a couple of mowings. New belts stretch when first installed.

Brian O
This is a prime example of how things are different for people...I've owned 6 Hustler Super Z mowers since 2004, and never once have I found the need to adjust a deck belt at any time. I've had a stick damage a deck belt of which I replaced, and have replaced maybe 4 hydraulic belts of which the deck belt must be freed to change, but not once have I ever found the need to tighten a deck belt. Evidently my deck belt tensioner spring mechanism has done an extremely good job.

To reiterate, when I did the complete restore on my 2006 Hustler Super Z in the later part of the cutting season in 2012, I replaced everything, including all belts, hoses and wiring. This mower now has 160 hrs. since the rebuilt and the deck belt has never been touched, and if I tried to tighten the belt, I may possibly gain one more link on the adjusting chain, and then again, I may not.
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