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Originally Posted by Marshmallow View Post
People don't realize how good the stand on mowers are. They are lighter smaller and more maneuverable, unless you are riding the mower for over an hour a stander is the ticket. I will never buy another rider.

My Ferris 3100 is down right now with a drive motor.My mower is a 61" .My son has a 52" toro grandstand.One property I mow requires me to use my 21" and the 61" because of steep hills and a gully.Was taking me about 1 hr & 40 minutes.My son was able to do the same area in 1 hr flat.On the steep areas he just got off the stander and walked behind it.In the gully the 52" was just small enough he was able to mow one side and then the other.
After seeing this I am sold on the standers.Is toro the only one that allows you to walk behind it or do the other brands allow it also.I would really like to demo a 36 or 40 stander on my entire route to see how I make out.
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