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Originally Posted by ztman View Post
I don't understand why someone suggests the client should by the necessary equipment required to do the job. I assume people hire a "professional" because they have the skills and EQUIPMENT necessary to do the job. If a professional has the right equipment for the job, this is no more than a $5-600 job

You're new at this… so Ill let it slide.

By "make them buy it for you" it means put the price of what you need to do the job INTO the price of the job.

If someone is renting a lift, they include the price of the rent in the price.

Instead, buy something you can use long term. Like the PAS.

so instead of putting $300 into the cost of the job for the lift, and all the extra time to monkey it around because it's not very agile, not to mention the damage it might do to the turf….your into the whole thing for a $500 consideration anyway…

SO INSTEAD buy the equipment, NOT rent the lift.

But you didn't know that… so now you do…

Stick to mowing lawns and under bidding 20 foot hedges they want dropped TWO FEET.
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