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Originally Posted by JLC Lawn Care View Post
My orange True Tempur ones get thrown out of the trailer etc and 2 of them are 4 years old and just starting to fall apart. Paid $90 at Home Depot
You have to tie them down or secure them some kind of way, the bucket acts as a sail catching the wind, sooner or later one of them wheelbarrows isn't going to land so nice and you'll be facing a load of liability when the sailing device causes a wreck or such... I've lost a few over the years as well, how I learned, I keep mine hooked to a chain nowadays.

Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
It's pretty simple why the 2 wheelers are so popular....

Better balance...

Carry more weight...

And my favorite, you can use 1 hand!!!
Sheer volume as well, I've done leaves with the 10 cubic footer before as it holds an entire tarp.
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