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I work on my own as well, it takes me a lot longer than the competition but the end product looks better (and I don't have any hassle paying anyone else). I tape everything off, I use a painters tool to apply tape and 12" of paper at the same time. Average material cost on a 2 car driveway is about $5 for the tape/paper. Plus I cut in along the garage by hand with a small roller. Its probably a rookie type of move, but my customers all comment on how much "care" i put into the job. That is what I like about the job, having a happy customer with a nice driveway. This is perfect to run along the edges where there are curbs or sidewalks. A bit of a pain in the wind, but faster than moving boards around. For the boards up against the garage, I use the 2x4' cheap stuff from home depot, less than $3 per board. They last a long time. And I made up a guard from aluminum as well, with a kickstand on the back to help hold it in tricky situations. All in all works well, but setup takes awhile.
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