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I've been using the stihl sr450 for mosquito applications. I haven't gotten many calls for mosquito applications this year but i do have a handful that i do. I am using Wisdom TC at the moment, because its what i had. Its the same AI as bifen i/t. I use an IGR (nyguard) as well. Theres a guy on here who steered me in the right direction with what to use, and I've had some good results from this mix out of the sr450. Last year we could hardly go outside in the evening, this year I hardly ever get bit. Out of the few customers i do have, I have a lady that will call back every 2 weeks to say she has bugs. Her property pretty much sits in a wooded area, many bird baths, and a pool.. I use Altosid in the bird baths as an IGR. I guess some properties like this one are just difficult..
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