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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
Stuff happens.

I used to get pissed when something breaks, but I figured getting pissed every 5 minutes was hard on my health.
Exactly. Though never had so much go wrong so close together before.

Though I have been letting it roll of my back.

Thing is I bought a new Sthil FS90R, and a JD 36" WB this spring with a mulch kit and a bag for leaves in the fall. Had to borrow the $4,250 from my son to pay for it. Told him I would pay him in one full payment back by Memorial Day, then Fourth of July, now Labor Day. Though I think I will pay him August 11 on his birthday.

Still do not have a full time schedule though I am having my best year and much better then last year. Though every time I am about $100-200 away from having the money to pay my son. Bam we're getting hit with another major bill.

Thank God the tires just passed inspection on the Suburban. I got me 12 months to save up and replace the racing slicks that are on the Suburban now.

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