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Got the new Xtreme clutch, very nice looking unit,,

Got it mounted,,
Had to shorten my old shaft key that went through the hydro pulley AND the clutch
new clutch does not have keyed top bearing

was able to adapt my old anti-rotation bumper to the new clutch with a few simple cut and grind modifications

so it is all mounted and looks like a factory install

with advice from here and other places I carefully opened my wire harness to inspect the hot wire and it was fine

Now my NEW ISSUE is my volatge at the clutch plug (clutch not plugged in) is 14.2 volts at full throttle

I have been told 13.6 - 14 volts is the range and if outside this I have a problem

I know I have seen systems put out more than 14 before and was normal

BUT is 14.2 the kiss of death in THIS system??

Will not be running my new clutch until I am satisfied with this voltage issue.

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