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Unbelievable but true: 28th of May 2014, okay here it goes.
6 30am start;
1st: 7am. Beavertail truck head goes in engine,I have to come back from other job (driving Toyota 4x4 (Tacoma) and 16' trailer) and drop it back to warehouse, pick up back up truck then drive to first breakdown.
2nd: When getting taxi back to warehouse I get news that a company that we did landscpaing for has gone bang, I won't be getting the €18k for the job.
3rd: Get back to warehouse and Toyota won't start (do get it going eventually)
4th: Heading back out I nip into spraying job, the muppet puts round-up in sprayer instead of lawn week killer!
5th: I head to my original job, go to pick up turf cutter from large country house on way back I hired out, owner drives out ahead of me, I stop to take a call, when I get to the exit I am locked in behind massive gates. I go to ring buzzer and see two evil guard dogs running for me.
6th:I get back into the Toyota and wait and wait and two and a half hours later get out but only after I had to take a leak in a plastic bag, which transpired had a hole in it. Meanwhile dogs are on the bonnet trying to eat me alive. I thought they were crazy till I tried to empty the contents of the bag through the window,no luck in my panic the contents spill all over me. Toyota now has 1 million scratches.
7th: Get back to warehouse put Toyota and trailer back in side. Park my personal hilux (different one to previous mentioned) outside when a friend pulls up, "God man you look like you are having a bad day" while standing to the rear, a car drives head on into the front of my Hilux!!!! While lying under the back I just laugh, like how bad can one day be?
8th: I get home at 9 30pm, have a nice day? No, shower & bed. Oh btw there is no hot water!@#!@.

I posted this already, by far it was the worst day in my professional career. I have added up the total cost as follows. New head on truck & repairs €4k, New Nissan NV400 vans €25k, repairs to lawns €15k, loss of earnings €20k, Non payment of account €18k.

Next year and every year after I am taking the 28th of May off.
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