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Got finished with the route today. I used a Ryan Aerator, core aerated one pass one direction, a second pass the opposite direction, and a third pass at a 90 degree angle. I love that machine! I think I literally pulled thousands of plugs on my lawn. It looks like I'm going to be fighting soil compaction every year. Our soil has been very poor since day one when we moved in. When we moved in it was hard as a brick with not a strand of grass. Nothing but weeds. Looks like it's going to be a yearly fight with that soil. Hopefully after a few years we'll have a manageable soil structure. I top dressed it with compost after the aeration. Then it got dark on me, so I'll be doing a balanced fert app in the morning and irrigation to help it recover and fill in and I'll keep you updated. After looking at the lawn more, I think someone was right about the lawn stressing and I highly suspect it being due to our poor compacted soil.
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