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Originally Posted by enorl76 View Post
Of course ya do. It sounds like a rep when you have a happy customer that has installed one and is advocating its use.

I installed this first one at my parents' house in Deltona FL. They had drip zones that used spray heads in grass areas to get flow up to prevent pump cycling. Now, I can eliminate watering with two totally different sprinkler types (drip,spray) on the same zone by removing the spray heads in the grass that are tied to the drip. These spray heads will run on a separate line now.

I should do a video to show how the pressure behind the CSV runs up to the pump's max PSI (in this case 65 psi) but the pressure in front runs up to the set-point (in my case 45 psi). This is fine because the pump still has flow, so the seals are still being cooled, and we've eliminated the pump cycling because the pressure switch always sees 45 PSI (ie, less than cut-off at 50 PSI) until there's actually no flow.
If we install a drip zone ( we only use hunter pro c clocks) we will wire it to the MV tap , then shut pump off for zones we don't want it to run with. Example , we want drip to run for an hr. zones 1-2-3 set for 20 min. Pump switch on. Pump switch off for the rest of the zones. Although Im sure fla has a lot more systems with a well just for irrigation then I see.
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