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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post

A high end customer wants to feel like they're dealing with a high end company. That's my 2cents.
The "keeping up with the Jones'" mentality goes a long way in high end sub-divisions. Over the years we've picked up several clients because they have saw us in our lettered trucks, uniforms, etc... If Mr. and Mrs. Jones have someone like that, well WE deserve it too... If they have their Audi A8, well, we'll get the S8.....

5 or 6 years ago in some sub-divisions it was nothing to see some guy in a beat up pickup with a Murray mower mowing a $500k home beside of a guy in a lettered truck with 2 Lazer Z's on the trailer. Now you may see 1 guy out of 10 who doesn't have that "professional" look.
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