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Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
Um Okay... Well I was trying to answer that question for you. I didn't realize you needed to be coddled so much while answering your question. I told you what the difference was and as a side note I told you that dodge are the only ones making different chassis between their 2500 and 3500s. Didn't get into which one I think is better. I have a chevy 2500 lol.

Here, how is this answer for you?

Hi mr. Burn the furniture, cool user name sir. Congratulations on your future new truck purchase and already having 15 others in the fleet. That's really impressive! So there is very little difference between the two trucks in question, just a leaf spring. But either one you choose will be the coolest truck in the world with you behind the wheel.
Thank you for filling me in about the dodge. As I conceded, I do not know about dodge, so you did fill me in. No indictment intended about the dodge vs chevy vs ford, I honestly have no idea what trucks you have or don't have. I simply wanted to avoid this turning into a opinion of which truck was best thread.

Thanks for your answer, I do apologize for requiring the clarification. Clearly you know your stuff. I see no need for personal jabs. Have a nice day.

Btw, I do like my username. It is the name of a jazz combo I played in for several years.
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