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Originally Posted by burnthefurniture View Post
I know the chevy IFS for 2011+ trucks was about twice as beefy as previous years. I have not considered a difference in toe angle with a load, and while that is a possibility, I have never seen uneven wear in my experience out of the 15+ chevy trucks we have had and currently have. However, doesn't mean thats not a good point. We are low mileage but even then, the loads we are currently having to pull with a gas truck really would better lend themselves to the extra power of a diesel. I know with that said the "payoff" for longevity and long range towing vs the added expense of a diesel may not be there when low mileage, but do you think there is a time when weight of load alone would necessitate it? I'm just asking your opinion. I find that I am towing 12-13k loads several times a week, and anticipate larger loads and trailers in the future.
I just think in your case diesel is a preference. It would seem like a 6 speed tranny would make up for the less torque. My landlord has a 40k gross dump truck with a 360 cu inch gas engine putting out around 300hp. It's all gearing. Will the diesel handle the load better? heck ya it will. Also a bumper pull won't effect toe angle like a gooseneck. Bumper pull you actually lift the front end up a little due to all the weight being on the end of the truck. Gooseneck will squash the whole truck down. This is why all 4500 and larger are all solid axles. The ride quality won't be there, but it will handle heavy loads better. If you are considering diesel I would also look hard at the Cummins over dmax. Also you might be interested in the engine braking of diesels.
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