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Easy-lift guy is being a realist. You're the one being negative.
You asked for the opinion of a tool, got a unanimous one you didn't like, and bought it anyway. It seems that you made up your mind before asking the question, and were just looking for affirmation. Sorry, that's not always going to be forthcoming.

Nobody here wishes you any ill will. In fact, I believe we are all trying to help you avoid a bad experience. But I guess you're one of those people who just has to live the bad experience for yourself, for you to believe the anecdotes. Ok. I for one would be much happier to hear a positive review from you a year from now, than to have to say we told you so.

I will part with this advice: start using it as soon as you get it, and if you do have any issues with it in the first few days, consider exercising your return option. That's easier than dumping it on craigslist, and its better to get your money back than to put it in the trash.

The truth is that you really cannot read the specs, or even browse stuff hanging on the walls, and make a fair comparison between a Stihl (or other top shelf brand) and Ryobi (box store brand) attachment. You've got to use it to see if it suits your needs. It was difficult for me to get past the silly looks of the Kombi blower attachment. I asked the dealer how well it worked, and he told me to bring my powerhead and try his floor model out in his parking lot. After blowing around rocks, I went home with it.
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