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Originally Posted by Porcupine Lawn and Snow View Post
How many of you guys do snow removal?

I do.
A lot of guys on this thread are living way south of the Mason Dixon Line.

I do snow though were I live you can not count on snow. Most years we will have 4 to 6 workable snows. Though some years 2 or 3. 97-98 we had three snow storms for a total of 4.3". Since 95-96 we average 38.2" and the highest was 94.9" in the winter of 95-96.

Last year we had 12 events. My best year ever.

Though the best way to get through the winter is to live conservative when the money is coming in when it is warm. Along with holding onto the business reinvesting money till the spring. No reason to buy a new mower in December.

One never knows when a major truck repair can pop up, or a major home repair catches you unexpected during the slow season.

The best way to make it through the winter is have the best fall clean up season possible.
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