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Always loved this thread. I have a question though, how long do you plan on keeping the 287D's? There is no question Cat went cheap with the construction of the boom arms under the guise of "better visibility" I wanted to try a new machine from them but now I saw them and thought the arms were a joke. No way would those hold up to severe use. Lift and carry maybe.

Also with the technology some machines have now it's just a novelty that clutters progress I think. You're telling me each operator spends an hour setting a machine up to his preferences makes it that much more productive? Maybe in a business where moving material efficiently is the object but carrying a few pallets and then the machine sits for hours and hours a day? To me it sounds like way too many people are buying into hype. On the other hand operator comfort is huge. A comfy non taxing cab and controls is huge. All these little gadgets Cat puts on seems like a bunch of nonsense. But that also depends on the machine use. People like their gadgets I guess.
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