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Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
Ztman sounds like an elitist. Many people play golf for years and just can't break that 85-90 mark. They spend tons of money on equipment, lessons and rounds but just never quite get it. If a "fad" golfer wants to play some rounds I say have at it. Just learn some etiquette and have fun. Golf is not dying at least not in my area.
Not an elitist, I just appreciate the game and its history. The new fad golfers are kinda like the lowballers that people complain about. They get in for a short time, do some damage, and give up while hurting the legit people. Years ago I caddied at a local club that allowed caddies to play on monday. You came to appreciate the game when you come up through the ranks and were able to play the nice courses
I don't mind spending money, I mind wasting money!
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