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Originally Posted by Big Hitter View Post
The beauty of franchising is that it is still YOUR company. The benefits you get are significant. Buying power, peer support, a consultant working with you weekly / monthly, brand presence, systems, marketing support, regional & national contract opportunities, ongoing business & technical training just to name a few things.

You will reach plateaus as you grow your business. The support you receive being a franchise will help guide you through those tough times.

It is a fraternity of business owners all focused on providing High Quality Service to their clients while maintaining high levels of efficiency and profit alnong the way.

You can get there without this support for sure. But in their system, you can get there quicker, make less mistakes, and have more fun doing it along the way. The investment pays for itself many many times over.

Stay in touch with her, I'm sure their door is still open for you.
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What else can you tell us about the franchise? Are you with one/which one? When you say their marketing support, do your royalty fees pay for marketing materials or do you kick extra in for that?

Please indulge! Thank you.
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