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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
Well I thought I would post this
I was ask to bid on this I already turned my bid in for mowing
The blue section is hay sections everything else is weekly lawn mowing
The owner does have a grounds keeper but he been having problems with him

40 acres of Lawn turf
2.5 miles vinyl fence counting both sides
1 mile around the 12 acre lake
535 other items to trim around

What would you charge for this??? I know everybody's market price would be different Be cool to see the price range

If I win this This would be my 3rd big lawn I take care of Right now I do a 85 acre and a 25 acre lawn
If I win this bid I think its time buy a ride on 16' batwing like a Toro Ac cab

I Live Near Springfield, Missouri & If I Were To Do That I'd Charge Probably Around $1900 - $2400 Depending On How Tall It Is On The First Time. Is Any Of It Wooded Area?
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