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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
It's like $1400 cut with standard ZTR equipment, IF its normal maintainable turf.

No obstacles in the middle of it? like trees etc?
Im assuming it's not all rocky and weird.

If you have an S-ton of those dixie choppers why not just have 3-4 of them go to this one site?

the thing with getting a bat wing is, what if the guy up and cancels on you?

you can always use a 60 or 72" ztr… but the batwing mowers? it's only real big stuff.
Id want a multi year contract before i bought specialty equipment.

Edit: ok now I can see all those little dang trees.

its well into the "impossible to estimate" without looking at it in person category.

It's at least $1400 plus
Your not far off on price

on the Batwing I have one its a pull type 15' But I rather have a ride on type
I can use it on few other jobs I have a Toro 585 (I think right number I forgot ) runs cuts at 12 MPH The guy from county club said if its smooth and short can run little faster With it you can one deck or 2 decks or all 3
If I get this I wont buy until the renew of my School contact 2016 unless I can find a good deal on used one
I have 3 72'' and 2 60'' I can run on it and its only take about half a day to cut the lawn The trimming is going be the killer part

I mow 25 acre Factory Lawn For this guy and he really like how the lawn looks and He did say he like his lawn look like the factory lawn
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