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Originally Posted by gusbuster View Post
I have to strongly disagree with you on both points....In CA and in most states, you sign an agreement to subject yourself when "Lawfully" requested by a peace officer for a breath, blood or urine test.

And the 4th Amendment tells us what lawfully is. Just because I am driving does not mean that I am driving drunk. There must be reasonable suspicion, and a DUI checkpoint is not reasonable suspicion.

You have to be "STUPID" to go through a DUI check point as there are plenty of opportunities(at least here in CA) to not go through them or turn and avoid them.

Inspection of all vehicles for commercial purposes I have no problems with that.

Why shouldn't private vehicles be inspected with no reasonable suspicion, either? Why only commercial?

What I do have a problem is if you have employees you are subject 1 time a year inspection at your yard looking at your vehicle. To top it off, you have to pay for the privilege.

DOT stopping all commercial vehicles(this includes cars trucks towing trailers) I have no qualms with this. Why? Maybe if they had this program in force at the time(early 80's), my then girlfriend would be alive and I wouldn't had stayed in the hospital for 3 months. We were hit by a tractor trailer who had lost his breaks due to a cracked air hose. He hit us head on going 55 plus. Sometimes on a bad day I wonder how I made it.
I am sorry for your loss and injuries, but your loss does not mean my Constitutional rights should be violated. It was God's will that she died and you didn't. And that it happened. Nothing can change it.

Besides, a cracked air hose can happen at any time, inspections or not.

Annual vehicle inspections are a scam and a waste. They are a snapshot in time. A truck can get 100,000 or a million miles between annual inspections. Brand new things break within a month or two. Anything can go wrong, even directly after an inspection, metal fatigue or something not visible to the mechanic.

Annual inspections are a feel good progressive action that do nothing in reality, but make it appear like the gov't cares and is doing something.
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