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Originally Posted by SSantor View Post
Last year there was a good post on this subject about those using only small mowers and those thinking about switching to it. I was wondering how it was going for those already using small mowers and for those thinking about it did you change and if so how is it going this year? Last year we changed to using all 30 inch exmarks. It started off rough with tranny problems, but ended well. This year it's gone really well. Last year we switched to half acre and down lawns. We use to have lazer ztr's and hydro walk behinds. The change was really good for us. How is with the rest of you?
Its pluses outweigh the negatives. Knew the power wasn't there but wasn't prepared for it's abilities on slopes. It has it's place. Aside from the cables, motor, and trans, (just the important stuff) it's tuff. Have not found anything else right now in this size that will fill it's shoes.
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