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My place is kinda like that but I don't mow but about 12 acres with a ZTR. Here are a couple of ideas. I see he has two large buildings. See if it is ok with him to store a tractor and mower in one corner of one of the buildings. Go find/get a nice used 2wd tractor of about 50 HP at the PTO. JD 5000ish or Kubota 6040 with around 1500 hours would be ideal. 2wd tractors that size are cheap because everyone now wants a loader with 4WD. Might have to get turfs in the rear if he's picky. Get a Landpride 2512 12 foot batwing. It has high blade speed and then sharpen the blades like a lawnmower. If you mow every week will look great. If you skip a week might get some windrowing but that would be gone the next mowing. Mow as much as you can with that then park it back in its building and finish up with a ZTR around those little trees/dam/fences. Just figure your mowing and clearing the tractor and batwing. If the guy cancels on you for some reason or moves away the tractor and mower hold their value very well (if you get a good deal on the tractor shouldn't lose much at all re-selling it).
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