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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
That's true, but look at the size of the house compared to the others in the pic. That guy isn't hurting for money, and if he is willing to pay for weekly cuts on 40 acres, he's got the means necessary to afford it done at a decent rate.

On top of that, it may look decent from the air, but I'm betting there's a lot of rough areas to deal with, maybe even some real wash board type stuff around the pond. It also looks like old farm pasture, so it's going to be hard on equipment.

That's why I added to my post- without seeing it in person. Price always depends on conditions.
The lawn was done right They rip it up its not a pasture no more
Around lake there no drop off only place that has a incline is the damn area rest of the lawn is flat with slight taper to the lake
The ground keeper said he can mow it and trim it in 3 8hr days I figure I can do it with 3-4 guys in 8-10 hrs

There is only 3 spots in the lawn that is rough due to drainage from the house

The owner is a Billionaire if not he's really close The house is more a castle then a house
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