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Originally Posted by twomancrew View Post
You're not the only guy with a tractor larry. It ain't no secret I keep that I 'm a farmer's kid. Now I'm 35. We mow ditches for Dad with his sometimes. I hate it-too bouncy and jerky and all it's good for is chopping stuff short. Waterways get too weedy or have cows parsnps so we mow em down with it. It has it's purpose for sure. We pull ours with a 200 hp Deere little feller. Wanna whip it out and measure there guy?

The OP asked for a price not how to do it. The owner will look at price and quality. 40 acres don't even come close to justifying a batwing. This is Lawnsite. I can't be the only one here with any real sense?

Larry we gone at it before so I'm over it already there feller. Maybe someone else will join your team and prove me an idiot?
You're not the only one with sense. Nobody is going to touch that for less than the OP is talking AND keep it. That's just not profitable. Also, if I have money tied up in a Groundmaster I'm not going to be charging pennies just because I can get it done faster.

My family has a 48 acre ranch which we mow roughly twenty acres of with a 74in CAT powered Dixie Chopper. The ground is rough and there is a lot of trimming along the fence, around two barns and trees and other obstacles... Takes me about four hours solo. So it's not crazy talk. I feel like me and a helper could bang it out in about half a day. Hell I'm pretty sure I could do this solo in a day, especially if it's smooth. It would take a WHOLE day but I'm pretty sure I could do it; 48 acres isn't that big.
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