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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
The lawn was done right They rip it up its not a pasture no more
Around lake there no drop off only place that has a incline is the damn area rest of the lawn is flat with slight taper to the lake
The ground keeper said he can mow it and trim it in 3 8hr days I figure I can do it with 3-4 guys in 8-10 hrs

There is only 3 spots in the lawn that is rough due to drainage from the house

The owner is a Billionaire if not he's really close The house is more a castle then a house
Like I said, congrats man-that's a big deal there. At first I was gonna say you sure that's 40 acres by looking at the size of those 2 houses. But then I noticed the drive and the "little" things and yeah that's a good property there. No joke.

And I agree with this post on the est.
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