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Originally Posted by aaronmg View Post
Quick question? I'm a solo operator and I know my limits about what I can possibly do in a weeks time and a days time when I'm maxed out for work. How as a big business can you take on something like this in the middle of the season unless you were looking to fill another day for a crew? How do you fit that in your schedule if you get it, I guess that's my question?
Well fitting it in this late in season I still can mow on Saturday and Sunday Most time I do landscape installs then

Not looking to fill a day I price it where I was gong make money or I wasn't going do it.

I do a lot for the owner already a Factory lawn that's 25 acres His banks he owns So its like you don't tell him no You price it to where he says no

Now if it was March he was asking My price might be little cheaper I wouldn't bid on some things
I already mow a lawn twice the size of this one
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