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Originally Posted by trooper8870 View Post
No matter if it's a commercial or a residence, cost is cost, expense is expense. When will people get over this crap of looking at your pricing based on if its commercial or residential. Charge everything the same no matter what. That is the reason for the vast array of pricing in this industry. Yeah some numb nuts will do it for $1,000 just to say he's doing it, knowing he is losing money on every service. Wake up folks, people are playing us against each other. There is more business than any of us can do available. Charge for your work because they are not going to do it themselves. We are the ones that are stupid. We let the client dictate what we charge. If a person can afford property such as that, they can afford to have it cut. I'd say $1,800 to $2,000. It's worth every dollar you can get out of it.
I agree, but the reason many property owners are willing to pay more for their commercial properties is simple, it is a deductible business expense.
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