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Originally Posted by andersman02 View Post
Most of our maint employees came from craigslist. This year we hire 2 new guys to run a mowing route. The foreman came with experience and the other is a college guy. Both great workers and both show up everyday. Aside from missing something here or there, they do a pretty good job. as far as incentives go, we have a mow crew bank of $1k split evenly at the end of the year. Each complaint is $20 knocked off. If there is equipment, property or truck damage, 1/2 of the damage is subtracted out of the bank with a max of $200. each compliment is $20 added to the bank.

This is our first year doing this but seems like it has helped with quality.

Doesnt matter where you look for employees from, you'll always get some good ones and some bad ones.
I like the idea of that incentive, i would have to do it on a smaller scale though haha
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