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well guys just read lesco's annual report and you will see that there is a joint venture between Lesco and MTD called commerical turf products. One day they make green machines next day they make gray and red machines. Lesco has the ideas but MTD has the manufacturing expertise. MTD could build cheap machines at a profit but they could never build commercial machines. Lesco on the other hand started in a little building in sebring florida and couldn't build their machines fast enough. they constantly have equipement shortages. Couldn't buy any renovators in october 1999. most Lesco stores don't have mechcanics because they pay on the flat rate and they starve to death if they rely on fixing their own machines. They are good machines, not innovative, no double engines, no fancy paint jobs, no fur lined seats they just go out and work. some break down but are easy to fix. remember what really counts is how many times it broke down in five years and the total cost to repair it. not what they did in the last two weeks. Talk to people that own them and find out how much time they spend fixing them. Lesco has done nothing but grow in products and profit the last few years and you don't do that by having unsatified customers. If they were as predatory like a previous author suggests, they could buy Scag and Ransomes with their petty cash fund. I suggest that instead of buying their mower right now you buy their stock and when they announce their year end profits you take your gain and buy two mowers
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