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Originally Posted by dckoster View Post
.... I would buy another one today if this one blew up. ..... This is a 2 cycle machine and I always know when I need it I can count on it to get the job done. ....
I am not sure you can buy an FS90R these days. This unit was replaced in the lineup with FS94. I see FS90 still on the website, along with the FS94. In March 2014, I talked with my local dealer. He had a couple FS90R in stock. When they were sold, no more would be ordered. Any new inventory for sale in his store would be FS94. He would be selling no more new FS90 trimmers. This may vary from dealer to dealer, I don't know.

Just for the record, FS90 products are 4 cycle not 2 cycle. FS94 is a 2 cycle product.
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