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On a positive note I started a new client last week. $40/week - the first cut took me 25 min for the mowing portion and we all know the first cut always takes more time, so I figure this will ultimately be about a 25-30 minute job.

The best part was that when I spoke to her on the phone after looking at it I quoted her $40. At some point I said something along the lines of "I don't know if that's more or less than what you had been paying."
She said she had been paying $25. LOL!
After I explained everything I would be doing and reminded her that I was fully insured and all that fun stuff, she said, "Maybe that's why the $25 guy stopped showing up?"


She said she had one more guy coming over, but would let me know the next day.
I figured my chances were ZERO, but she texted me at 11am asking if I could work her into my schedule that week!
Right down the street from two other existing clients. Awesome.
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