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I bought a new FS90R last year and that thing is a beast. It's not as heavy compared to the FS110 or FS130 and can handle a brush blade. I use it for delicate trimming and edging as well as "bush hogging" with just the string trimmer in heavy grass and it handles it no problem. It starts easy and runs smooth and quiet compared to a lot of other trimmers. It also runs brush blade attachments no problem and smokes through heavy brush and small trees 1"-1.5" in diameter with the 4 blade brush cutter due to it's torque for a light trimmer. Running the Stihl synthetic fuel mix I can run all out for an hour trimming out the heavy grass along my back acreage before I have to fuel up again, my old Stihl couldn't do this. As Riding' Green said, they are phasing the trimmer out, but if your dealer has one in stock this would be a good trimmer to pick up if all you plan on doing is trimming or brush cutting and might be able to get a good deal on it.
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