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44 lawns per day? that is awesome! they must be on the same street right?

Originally Posted by bodaggin View Post
Using standers I can cut, trim, and bag 44 lawns (0.2A-0.3A) per day (14h) as a solo. They work.

For small city lots (0.2A-0.5A) they are the only option IMO but you have have HAVE to get 36" or smaller otherwise it defeats the purpose of being efficient on small lots and getting in back gates. I use GrandStand 36's and the flip up platform can be a pain in the ass but they work. I think the Wright 36 would be better as it's more compact, but both are good choices. If you get the Wright make sure it's Rapid Height as many are fixed. I cut anywhere from 1.75 inches to 4 inches at customers request. RH is a must.

The numbers:

Total yards: 46. (Only 2 are over 0.4A)
# I use Stander for Front AND back: 18 (39%)
# I use Stander for Front ONLY (push back): 13 (28%)
# I have to push front and back: 15 (33%)

The most common distraction with standers is "standing is worse than riding, so I'd rather get a rider". If they made a reliable 36" rider then I would side with these viewpoints. However, they don't, so the more important point is that standing is WAY better and faster than WALKING.

For example, my list with a typical rider (46" to 54") would go from 33% walking to 72% walking which is a HUGE increase in fatigue and time. My stander cuts at 8mph and is almost twice the width of a push mower, so a person can walk as fast as they want but they haven't got a hope in hell at keeping up. I've pulled up to yards of equal size that 3 workers had already started cutting and I have hopped out, cut/trim/bagged, and pulled away by myself before they finished.

If your lot list contains a lot (50%+) of half acre and up properties I wouldn't recommend a stander however a 36 will do 3A no problem. It's just better as a one off as the sweet spot is 0.2A-0.5A.

TPendagast raised another point about knowing you have too big of a mower if you can't change the pattern. You can always change the pattern. Even offsetting the wheel marks will prevent ruts when using the same pattern. Not an issue IMO. The bigger issue would be if unloading the stander takes more time than zipping out the push mower (or trimmer for that matter) on a tiny yard.

Sorry for the novel but these things work and rarely anyone realizes it.
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