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Originally Posted by xstatikplus View Post
Must be a southern thing....I honestly don't know anyone who uses chewing tobacco only smokers. IMO spitting in general is a nasty habit and there are places where you just do not spit. Let's face it there is a thread "I was taking a quick wiz when" or something like that, so you could do worse then spit. I personally don't wiz on clients property nor do I spit on them. Unprofessional tho to spit? Let me ask all of you this.... Even if every landscaper on earth acted prim and proper. Dressed clean and always polite. Do you guys really think some CEO of a larger business whom you do work for will really think you are on their level? Even if you pull in more annual take home income then them they will still look down on you as "just a landscaper" I say do what you do. If your clients do not show negative feelings towards it, so be it. When did everyone become such puss bags to say oh that's unprofessional? Or that is? You guys need to get a grip on reality if you feel that most people give a flying phuck what their lanscaper does on their yard. I've been doing this for 20 years and aside from the initial face to face ( them asking for a quote) I haven't even seen about 70% of my clients and I'd even go as far to say that about the same percentage don't even set foot on their yard. They just drive in their garage, auto shut door then stay inside until they are driving off again. Would I spit all over someone's yard? No would I piss in a yard? No. Do I think these activities are inappropriate? Yes. Unprofessional? Yes. But at the end of the day kids, I am "just a landscaper" in most peoples eyes. Just do quality work get your money and quit being a puss about it! If no one says boo about what you do, have at it. If someone makes a stink about you spitting because you chew or because you're smoking on their yard. Apologize and don't do it again out of respect. End of the day, that is the professional way to handle it no?

On a side note for smoking in the truck.... Here in Toronto the rules have become so strict you can't even smoke in a commercial vehicle while working! So just say you ran a solo OP in your own truck, by yourself and working you can get a ticket for smoking in your truck! Phucked up no? You guys keep that in your mind while you fight for your "right" to spit on someone else's yard
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Scott Brickman is higher up the corporate ladder than the vast majority of his clients.
Owning a landscaping company is different that being a landscaper.

A commercial truck is a work place environment (I don't know who established that recently, but they did) and It has been illegal to smoke in public/common work places for a while.
So yes, here too, you cannot smoke in a work truck, moving or not.
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