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Originally Posted by Ericlpearl View Post
Yes, it is the T230 multitool, S230 being the engine code. A starter for a T230 will work. I usually get my Shindaiwa parts from, but any local Echo / Shindaiwa supplier can order the starter for you, if its not in stock. It does sound like a deformed or broken spring. But could also be the housing or the spool. If you don't know what to look for it'll be simplest to order a new one.
Yea the local shop didn't have it in stock, so we tried fixing the string, then the spring broke or whatever. I think the notch where the sprin goes in the housing is rounded out. Anyway, I ordered one from the shindaiwa parts website. Got a couple of other parts for the multi tool and a few parts including a carb for my eb802rt backpack blower. Prices were actually not bad at all. Pull starter was the same as I was seeing on amazon and he carb was about $40 cheaper than the local dealer. I'll be happy to get these two shindy's going again and have another backpack blower in the arsenal.

Thank you for the input. So the older multi tool is called the t230 or the m230?
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