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lets see what equipment lesco makes....<br>walk behinds they used to make these solely themselves (and they are copys of a scag), now they have a joint venture with mtd called c.t.p. commercial turf products, and that is also where there current riders are made.(also available in mtd pro and cub cadet)<br>handheld equipment, used to be echo, now company called shibura(stihl and husky copies) (same as the mtd pro handheld equipment)<br>aerators and renavators, company called classen, at least thats who made em last year...<br>leaf units (truck loaders) company called salsco.<br>sprayers...this one also available in mtd pro<br>so as you can see lesco to my knowledge does not make there own powered equipment anymore. and all the powered equipment you can buy at lesco can be bought elsewhere under a different name.<br>but i do love there spreaders, best you can buy in my opinion, and you can buy those in the mtp pro name also.....<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: mowerconsultant
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