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My daily rant, pull up to a house today, customer comes out immediately and asks me why didn't I mow under the brush pile in the back last time. I didn't remember what he was talking about and told him I'd take a look when I get back there. He then asked me if I could throw the brush in the back of my truck. By the tone in his voice, he didn't want to "pay for it." This man literally expected me to put three piles of brush in the back of the truck and haul it off for free. I told him, the dump fee, my fuel fee, and a labor cost to load it, haul it, and dump it. The crazy man with a BMW in the garage then tells me, oh, never mind that. Can you just mow over it or "mulch" it. I then t old him sure, if your going to give me $60.00 for a new set of blades, $50.00 for a belt, and the cash for any other damage to a $5,000.00 mower that's meant for mowing grass, not brush. Then the lunatic tells me I can just move it and mow the area under it. I told if I moved three piles of brush, assuming I could do it in ten minutes, at 60 customers, would equate to 600 minutes. 600 minutes / 60 minutes = 10 hours. At $50.00 an hour, I would be losing $500.00 per week / bi-weekly if I moved the same piles for everyone else. I REFUSE to move it. I will haul it for xx price. I will move i and mow under it for this price $xx. He gave me a check for the mow and walked in the house without saying anything back, nor even responding. I HATE CHEAP SKATES. If I didn't need money due to rebuilding engines on the John Deer, a new truck purchase, and a new little one on the way, I would have dumped him then and there. Granted at the end of the season, I'll never see him again.
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