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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
So the 4 kids that were out wrestling and rolling all around on their lawn yesterday, I should have told them to go back in and play the xbox?

True, you get whatever on a lawn, but still you've "never seen anyone laying in their lawn..." ???? Personally, we're usually sitting in the grass every evening talking to the neighbors watching the kids play.
I guess it's just where you come from and how you were raised. My dad used to spit tobacco juice on my our bee stings when we were kids. Growing up playing baseball spitting was just something people did.

I also eat sunflower seeds sometimes when working so they get spit all over people's yard as well. I have plenty of high end customers that I've had a conversation with a big chew in my mouth. Nobody's ever said a word.

Before reading this thread if a customer walked out and said something about me spitting in the lawn I would probably would be so shocked I wouldn't know what to say.
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