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Originally Posted by LawnsharkMB View Post
I guess it's just where you come from and how you were raised. My dad used to spit tobacco juice on my our bee stings when we were kids. Growing up playing baseball spitting was just something people did.

I also eat sunflower seeds sometimes when working so they get spit all over people's yard as well. I have plenty of high end customers that I've had a conversation with a big chew in my mouth. Nobody's ever said a word.

Before reading this thread if a customer walked out and said something about me spitting in the lawn I would probably would be so shocked I wouldn't know what to say.

I had a staff sergeant that used to chew sunflower seeds and spit the shells everywhere.
He would spit them at you while he was talking to you, sometimes bouncing off your chest.
The guys had a plan that when they got to combat there would be an accidental grenade that fell his way.

When I got high enough in rank I told him to his face once day "Sergeant, If so much as one more seed shell comes in contact with me or my clothing, I'll personally take you out back of the training area and adjust your attitude"

although I was a lower rank than him, I was twice his size and one of the more feared combat leaders when it came to being able to see through any trouble my mouth could create.

He miraculously quit chewing sunflower seeds.

Had I actually adjusted his personality, sure I would have lost rank, but no one would have EVER respected him or taken orders from him again.
He would have needed to have been reassigned to where no one knew he had gotten schooled.

I would really, REALLY reconsidered chew or seeds, if you THINK people aren't disgusted by your habit, it is simply because they are all planning your demise behind your back and haven't told you yet.
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